Day 3 – Technical glitches

It’s been a slightly frustrating morning with microphone troubles but some new tunes have been borne from it.

While Sam, Alex and David were trying to make sense of the strange things happening with the contact mic on Alex’s contrabass clarinet, I wrote up and developed a couple of ideas that cropped up during yesterday’s improvisations. We also have a new cover – and not by an established doom act this time. I’ll be both surprised and delighted if anyone manages to identify it when we play it live…

The technical support department doing some emergency soldering

The technical support department doing some emergency soldering...

Special guest

We like to collaborate with like-minded musicians, which is why we were delighted when Alex Sramek got in touch with us towards the end of 2011. It was obvious from the first conversation that we should make some noise together. Alex plays contrabass clarinet and has been described by The Clarinet as “The world’s loudest clarinet player”. He also shares our love of long, low drones and improvisation.

Alex is coming to the UK in February for the SABRe (Sensor Augmented Bass clarinet Research) event at Keele University. It seemed like an obvious opportunity to get some stuff done together, culminating in a live performance together at The Cube Cinema in Bristol on the 25th – lovely poster below, designed by another Alex.

We are currently trying to organise something to take place in Birmingham while Alex is over, alongside some recording time, pop-up performances (well, not that pop-up with two tubas and a contrabass clarinet), playing in some odd spaces, etc. If you’d like to suggest something you want to see / hear us do during the last couple of weeks in February, please get in touch or post a comment below.