Sam Underwood – tuba

An experimental musician, sound artist and instrument designer, Sam is never afraid to take on a challenge. Picking up a tuba for the first time at Supersonic 2010 Sam went on to start formally learning the instrument from February 2011. His drive was simple, he wanted to hear the sound of ORE.

Having disbanded as a tuba duo, Sam takes ORE forward as a solo project featuring doom tuba, electronics and collaboration.

Beck Baker – baritone horn and trombone

Beck’s background is in the world of brass bands. Enlisted by Sam to help make ORE a live entity again, Beck is new to the drone doom aesthetic…but is taking to it nicely.

Her instruments create distinct timbres, adding to the breadth of ORE’s sound.


Regular live collaborator

Thomas Stone – contrabassoon and activated percussion

Thomas provides deep reed bass to the ORE sound. An aficionado of the drone doom aesthetic and well versed in using amplification and effects with his instrument(s), Thomas sits perfectly as part of the live ORE trio.

Former / founding member

Stuart Estell

Read about Stuart and his wonderful music making here: