Statement – ORE

After a period of reflection Stuart and I have decided to cease ORE as a duo project. This decision is predominantly Stuart’s as he plans to focus his attention on a number of other musical projects. It is with no hard feelings that we part ways as a tuba duo and we have no doubt we will work together again in future.

As well as working as Mr. Underwood and Glatze, Sam will continue to make tuba doom under the moniker ORE. This will most likely be in the form of tuba and other low brass/reed instruments, and as a studio project featuring electronics.

Stuart will continue to release collaborative drone-based studio projects as Lachenalia, as well as playing bass and tuba in Isle of Everywhere and returning to his explorations of English folk music under his own name. He will also be morris dancing.

We have had many wonderful times playing as ORE and we would like to thank everyone that has made this a possibility.

Sam and Stuart.

2 thoughts on “Statement – ORE

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  2. Thank you both VERY MUCH for bringing drone tuba into my life! I have enjoyed numerous live performances, and your recordings prompted me to buy a better amp and speakers when my original ones proved too wimpy to deal with you.

    Being rubbish at keeping in touch in real life, I’ll look out for news of your new adventures online.

    Much love to you both,
    X X

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