New album – early 2017

It’s over 18 months since my last blog post about ORE. In that blog post I stated that I was working on a new ORE album and that the working title was Michael. That was my father’s name and my intention was to complete the album before his death. Sadly this was not to be and much of the rest of the interim period was spent looking after him and dealing with the fallout relating to his death.

I tried to finish that album to no avail. I guess the emotional significance was too great. So, it was binned and I started from scratch a few months back. I am still at the stage of writing it at present; aside from some recording tests and building some interesting instruments to feature on it.

Recording drums


Plate & outdoor drums

I am in the process of sorting a demo to approach labels with. I am all ears if anyone has any suggestions on this front.

Lastly, here is a tune that did get finished as part of that lost album…enjoy.

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