ORE prefers physical items to downloads but we will put occasional demos online. Alongside audio we will also provide other items for download, such as scores and ORE collateral.

ORE: Stubnitz

First track by ORE as Sam’s solo project.

STOCKHAUSEN: Sagittarius from Tierkreis

ORE : Sagittarius from Tierkreis (Stockhausen) by ORE
A short Stockhausen movement recast in the ORE doom aesthetic, plummeting to the depths from its high-pitched origins.

DEMO : Charioteer

ORE : Charioteer (studio demo) by ORE

LIVE : Ouroboros is Broken

ORE : Ouroboros is Broken (live, with guests) by ORE

DEMO : In Hungary They Used To Burn Bagpipers

ORE : In Hungary They Used To Burn Bagpipers (demo) by ORE


Download the score to our piece K.A.L.D. – composed by Stuart Estell.
Should you use this, we’d love to hear what you do with it.