Belatedly – OUT NOW!

Our new album, Belatedly, is out now on Box Records. Sleeve notes below…but first, links for you to have a listen.

Available as a beautiful 2xLP / digital from Box Records – BOX RECORDS BANDCAMP


Or, as a physical-digital version from us, if you’d like to send someone who doesn’t own a record deck the gift of doom tuba – ORE BANDCAMP


ORE ~ Belatedly

The album title is derived from the fact that I failed to complete this album the first time around. I started it as a gift to my father when he was diagnosed with lung cancer in late 2014. But it remained unfinished when he died eight months later. I subsequently aimed to complete it but found that too hard…so had to start the whole thing afresh. This is now ready, Belatedly.

Belatedly is a split album featuring five Native—ORE only—tracks on Side A (1/2) and five Compound—ORE and collaborator—tracks on Side B (1/2).

Side B features contributions from previous ORE collaborator Kazuyuki Kishino (KK NULL), oud player Khyam Allami, trombonist Sophie Cooper, contra-bassoonist Thomas Stone and baritone horn player Beck Baker.

I am very grateful for their contributions. Thanks also to Matt at Box Records & Graeme Hopper.

Dedicated to Mick.


Side A: All tracks written, recorded and produced by ORE / Sam Underwood*

Side B: All seed tracks written, recorded and produced by ORE / Sam Underwood with contributions in response written and recorded by the named artists.

*Percussion on Silicate played by Dan Preece.

Mastered by Sam Grant / Blank Studios.

ORE – New album update

The new ORE album – provisionally entitled Base – is coming along well and I have some exciting news to share about the approach/format.

The album will be split; one half featuring ORE only – Native – compositions and the other featuring collaborative – Compound – tracks. Each half will include five tracks and I am *delighted* to announce that the collaborating musicians on the Compound half are: Khyam Allami, Sophie Cooper, Thomas Stone, Beck Baker and regular ORE collaborator KK NULL.

It’s hard to say when the album will be finished exactly and what the plan is thereafter but please keep your eyes and ears open for further updates, demos and giveaways!

Bubbling under


A brief update from the land of ORE…

New ORE Album

Working title Michael

First and foremost, I have been working hard on the new ORE album, which is to be released later this year. This is proving a fairly lengthy process as it involves a number of collaborators; from other brass players to vocalists and the like. Here is a hint at the sort of thing to expect:

This track was recently played on BBC Radio 3, on Late Junction + cheekily on If Wet Radio, as part of our tuba show.


I was recently asked to take part in an international collaborative piece by composer and lead vocalist/bassist with OBLIVION, Nick Vasallo.

I was delighted to hear / see the results.



I have formed a new trio with turntable-fiddler Graham Dunning and saxophonist Colin Webster, called DunningWebsterUnderwood.

We have our début album “Bleed” in the can and are looking for labels at present.
Here is a taster…

Tarnlavadust by DunningWebsterUnderwood