Statement – ORE

After a period of reflection Stuart and I have decided to cease ORE as a duo project. This decision is predominantly Stuart’s as he plans to focus his attention on a number of other musical projects. It is with no hard feelings that we part ways as a tuba duo and we have no doubt we will work together again in future.

As well as working as Mr. Underwood and Glatze, Sam will continue to make tuba doom under the moniker ORE. This will most likely be in the form of tuba and other low brass/reed instruments, and as a studio project featuring electronics.

Stuart will continue to release collaborative drone-based studio projects as Lachenalia, as well as playing bass and tuba in Isle of Everywhere and returning to his explorations of English folk music under his own name. He will also be morris dancing.

We have had many wonderful times playing as ORE and we would like to thank everyone that has made this a possibility.

Sam and Stuart.

Recording the new album

As a follow-up to the Stuart’s post yesterday I just wanted to give my take on the technical aspects of recording our third album…

The session we had over the weekend represents the achievement of a major goal for me. We just sat down in comfortable surroundings and recorded an album, without technology getting in the way. It has been a challenge achieving this; one which has required a substantial investment both financially and in terms of time refining techniques etc. In an odd way it was the fact that my studio downstairs got flooded late last year that drove us to a better solution for recording tubas. The ever knowledgeable David Morton had advised us on how to approach this but being forced upstairs (into a much taller space) led me to sort stuff out much more quickly. Plus the space has a better vibe, even if the soundproofing isn’t as good 😉

For now, my studio downstairs still remains unusable, which just makes the pleasure of what we achieved over the weekend even greater. We look forward to sharing the results with you!

Gig news

ORE support Anna Meredith in London at The Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston on 16th January.

Venue details here:

For our set, we are delighted to welcome soprano Natalie Raybould as a guest – this will mark ORE’s first appearance with a vocalist and promises to be a unique performance.

We are hoping to announce additional collaborators for this gig in due course…

Releases news

We’re pleased to announce that there are two ORE releases due in the very near future:

Archispirostreptus gigas
CD only – limited to 100 copies

This release will go on sale at the Supersonic festival in Birmingham, 19th-21st October 2012. Once it’s gone, it’s gone; there will be no reprint.

CD and digital album

This release is also being timed to coincide with Supersonic but is a non-limited release.

Granolithic features four tracks, none of which were included on the recent EP Beyond Tree and Stone. Ranging from peaceful, immersive drones to fierce, shredding distortion, via raga-based improvisation and a tribute to the “Lady with the hammer”, Soviet Russian composer Galina Ustvolskaya, this is heavy music like nothing you’ve ever heard.

ORE and KK Null announced for Supersonic Festival 2012

“ORE and KK NULL are delighted to announce a distinctive collaboration as part of Supersonic 2012.

In many ways, KK NULL’s collaboration with Lash Frenzy (with Sam on tuba) at Supersonic 2010 acted as a proof of concept for the amplified tuba sound of ORE, so it’s entirely fitting for Capsule to bring the two entities together this year. Better still, KK NULL and ORE have gelled so well in the early stages of working on this collaboration that they have also decided to release a CDr single of jointly-composed material, which will be available at the festival.

They will be performing a specially-written piece together, culminating in a vast cacophony of sound. Be scared.

This performance is one of a number of special collaborations taking place at the tenth edition of the festival.”

We will also be participating in the OXBOW ORCHESTRA:
“In advance of the world assault subsequent to the band OXBOW’s spring 2013 release of their long-awaited new record the THIN BLACK DUKE, there is this, the OXBOW ORCHESTRA. Strings, woodwinds, brass, operatic backing vocals and classically contained renderings of the OXBOW song book and featuring EUGENE S. ROBINSON and NIKO WENNER from OXBOW, the ORCHESTRA delivers songs new and old in a format unaccustomed to the blood and sweat of a typical OXBOW outing.”

Needless to say, we’re looking forward to both of these performances immensely.

For more information about the festival:

First day of recording the debut album

We went on an adventure today, which involved hunting obscure electronic whatsits (that’s a technical term) in Birmingham city centre. Having acquired said whatsits, we settled down in Sam’s studio to begin recording our debut album.

And so, we thought it might be nice to share some initial audio dabblings in the form of another Earth cover which we’ve used to test the setup. It’s Charioteer, from the Pentastar LP, and if nothing else it proves that our tubas and lungs still work in the unexpected sweltering heat. We are trve (kvlt) athletes.

The first fruits of our labours is on the downloads page of this site. The sound is every bit as heavy as we were hoping it would be.

Day 7 – our final day with Alex.

We made it! Seven days of intense collaboration and exploration, culminating in a gig at The Cube Cinema in Bristol. We decided to give our lips a rest all day until the evening of our gig, so day seven was all about our final gig with Alex.

Following on from a storming set by Anta was interesting. We have been developing our live sound over recent weeks and had decided to play our gig at The Cube quietly, acoustically + some amplified reinforcement. It’s a small venue and we wanted to keep the sound of our instruments as pure as possible. Anta and the other acts on the night were pretty loud so it was interesting to hear the juxtaposition.

We enjoyed playing very much and appreciated the warm response to our set. As usual we were playing around a structure, according to how Stuart conducted proceedings. This always makes for a fresh experience but I didn’t think he’d actually make us play THAT COVER!?

Despite a mess up on the audio recording, the whole thing was filmed.

Thanks to everyone that made it down to see us.


Our week with Alex brought a lot of stuff into sharp focus for us. We have plenty to reflect and build on. We are going back into our bunker for a bit now to write and develop some stuff, and to plan the next stage of ORE.